The large selection of software licenses makes it difficult for partners to choose the version they need. The Microsoft Academy of Higher Sales Piloting website, meant to help partners understand the subtleties involved in choosing licensed versions of programs, was created to resolve this problem.

An Expert Advice section was created to make it easier for partners to find answers to their questions. Each time a question is answered, this answer is then placed in the “Solutions” section, where an entire reference list of answers is compiled. The moderator must indicate which comments serve as the answer to a question, which streamlines the user’s search for the needed information.

Since software licensing has many different aspects to it, a game component was thought up for the website. Each partner can take tests and get points for doing so. Being active on the website, whether through making commentary, writing questions, or watching videos, also earns you points.

You can spend the points you earn in your personal account on presents and certificates. Therefore, Asbis partners are able to perfect their knowledge using this website.